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My Son’s Breakup

My Son’s Breakup

Will (Pounder) is in his car and psyching himself up to go inside his stepmom’s (Kayla Paige) house. He’s crying and she chases him down to try and find out what is going on. They were supposed to go out that night but he isn’t feeling p to it because he just broke up with his girlfriend. Kayla tries to console him especially after he tells her that she said he was a bad kisser and a dispassionate person. She also said that he was a bad lay but Kayla doesn’t want to believe that/ She gets up to leave but figures he could show her how he kisses, just to be sure, and then they do she starts to rub up against him as the kiss starts off awkward and then turns passionate. He starts to open her blouse and touches her bra and at that point she stops him and leaves in order to give him the space he wanted. Later that night and Kayla is in a little black dress and she starts to masturbate, thinking about what she and will did earlier.

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